All Slots Mobile Casino Bonus – Register Today and Win Welcome Bonuses!

All Slots Casino is one of the most favoured casinos among casino gamblers all over the world, thanks to the great bonuses, benefits, and rewards it grants its players. Gamblers who are looking for great ways to pass their time, and to win special mobile casino no deposit sign up bonuses and rewards, will definitely find All Slots suitable for this purpose. With the VIP Club, Loyalty Program, special promotions, and best ways to enjoy the free spins, there is absolutely no doubt every player will enjoy registering and playing all day and all night. Are you ready for it?


New Player's Bonus

New All Slots registered members enjoy, right upon registration, one of the best prizes offered to players – the $1600 grant which can be collected during the very first week of membership in the casino! Seizing this bonus is really easy and does not require much; it only requires making the right deposits at the right time, and enjoying the great rewards of the casino!

First deposit at the casino grants players with a 100% match up bonus. This way, for every dollar a player puts, the casino rewards with one additional dollar. The bonus can reach up to to $250. This means that players who deposit $250, will receive additional $250 immediately, and start their first game with $500, with no delays!

The second deposit at the casino rewards players with a 50% match up bonus, which as well, can be up to $250.

The third deposit is a 25% match up bonus, and it can be up to $500.

Lastly, the fourth deposit is of 50%, and this is the highest bonus granted to new players for registering the casino – a $600 match up bonus!

All in all, the players can enjoy up to $1600 with these four bonuses, and all they have to do is download the casino!


All Slots Mobile Casino Download – Essential Steps

Love the bonuses? Want to start enjoying them right now? Well, this is definitely easy, and all you have to do in order to make it happen is simply register! In order to complete your registration process, make sure you take the following steps:

1. Navigate to the Download page

2. Click on AllSlots.exe button after the download is complete (will be shown in the low part of your screen)

3. Allow the program to make changes on your computer

4. Once the All Slots program opens, click Install Casino

5. Start playing!

All Slots mobile casino download process has never been as easy!


The Mobile Experience – Enjoy More than Ever

There are a lot of benefits when playing All Slots mobile, besides enjoying the All Slots Mobile Casino bonuses. The All Slots Mobile Casino is suitable for android and apple devices, and thus allows a lot of players to enjoy many special games from any place in the world, at any given time!

Gamblers can take the games, benefits, and rewards with them, as they go shopping, make their ways to the cinema, enjoy the day at the beach and even wait for the train or bus to arrive. The mobile casino is 100% adjusted for the small devices, and players can enjoy a gaming experience which is suitable for their own device, adjusts the level of sound, and even uses suitable graphics which look great on the small screen! Gambling can be thrilling even in small sizes!


Loyalty Points, Loyalty Club, and Your Unique Benefits!

As you accumulate more and more points in the casino, you become eligible to enjoy additional All Slots Casino no deposit bonuses and rewards! And the best news? Accumulating points is EASY! All you have to do is play All Slots' wonderful games! You can play any game you want, and as you will wager, you will win additional Loyalty Points right away. The conversion rate of money per Loyalty Points changes, depending on the game you play. The full table of rates is presented in the Loyalty page, and exposed once clicking on the “Play any game!” button.

Moreover, from time to time, All Slots runs offers which award extra Loyalty Points, and thus lets players enjoy additional All Slots no deposit bonuses! It is advised to keep an eyed on one's email, or to log into the Loyalty Club and to check out the “Specials” section in order to see whether there are new offers at the moment.

The Loyalty Tiers

There are five loyalty tiers which players can enjoy from. Each tier has a different amount of entry and maintenance points required and offers different benefits:

Bronze – requires 1 point for entrance, and 1 point for maintenance. Players who redeem their points will enjoy a bonus grant.

Silver requires 300 points for entrance, and 300 points for maintenance. The tier grants with 10% bonus points. Players who redeem their points will enjoy a bonus grant.

Goldrequires 2,000 points for entrance, and 1,500 points for maintenance. The tier grants with 20% bonus points. Players who redeem their points will enjoy a bonus grant.

Platinumrequires 8,000 points for entrance, and 5,000 points for maintenance. The tier grants with 40% bonus points. Players who redeem their points will enjoy a bonus grant.

Diamond requires 50,000 points for entrance, and 8,000 points for maintenance. The tier grants with 50% bonus points. Players who redeem their points will enjoy a cash grant.


Join the VIP Club and Enjoy Special Rewards!

Joining the VIP Club is done automatically once a player reaches the Gold tier or above. Participation in this club grants with the following benefits:

Gold Members – enjoy a dedicated VIP team's support, can participate in exclusive promotional events, receive luxury gifts, and can have a personal account manager.

Platinum Members – are qualified for all of the benefits the Gold members are, as well as for higher deposit and withdrawal rates.

Diamond Members – can enjoy everything Gold and Platinum members can. In addition to that, once redeeming points, they are qualified for a cash prize, and they can even receive special customized vacation packages!


Enjoy Free Spins As You Play!

Always wanted to play for free and win for real? Now it is your special opportunity to do so, and with great ease, thanks to the special casino bonuses offered in All Slots!

The best example for that can be given with the fun slots games available in All Slots. As gamblers take part in these games, they can start playing a real money game, and during the game they will be able to win the free spins bonus! This bonus is usually granted once three, four, or five Scatter symbols appear adjacently on the reels. Then, a specific number of free spins is activated, and the gamblers can play and deposit nothing at all! Once these spins are triggered, the players can keep on winning real money credits, and in most cases even have their gained credits multiplied, according to the terms and conditions of their specific game!


Promotions – The Best Way to Enjoy Bonuses and Rewards!

Not only new players, loyal players and VIP Club members can enjoy All Slots Mobile Casino bonuses as they play. From now on – everyone can! Some promotions are open for all registered members and take nothing to participate in, besides opting in!

Usually, every month a new promotion is offered to the players, and the players' only responsibilities are to be informed with the news, and start playing! As the play, they can enjoy free spins, draw days and draw prizes, shared cash rewards, high multipliers, and many other great rewards! Are you ready for it?