Bridesmaids Online Slots – 12 Growing Wilds & the Wheel Bonus Are Waiting!

Are you a movies’ girl? Are you a pink women’s man? Did you ever want to enjoy a no deposit bonus pokies game which will let you observe the most beautiful women all in one screen as well as use the very best casino gaming features ever? If you ever come to think about it, you will very quickly realize that Bridesmaids Online Slots has everything it takes in order to give you the most amazing casino experience in the world!

With fabulous benefits such as the ability to win up to 105,000 credits in no time, 10 FREE SPINS, the ability to enjoy the fantastic WHEEL BONUS as well as 12 Growing Wilds, and the incredible Four Wheel Bonuses (Friendship FREE SPINS, Flying High FREE SPINS, Boutique BONUS and Magic Moments Bonus) you will be able to celebrate night and day while playing this game! Once you start seizing all of the multiple opportunities standing in front of you, you will figure out nothing can stop you from having fun! Join us now! The best real money bonus is definitely included!

So, Why Is This Game More Special Than Other Games?

A lot of great features and benefits are included at this game, and definitely most of them are exclusive and unique to Bridesmaids Online Slots. However, if you heard a bit about this specific game, you probably realized by now that something very special is going on over here. This unique All Slots Casino bonus game will greatly benefit all the players who found the original movie as intriguing and fun.

Shots from the movie are constantly shown over here, talking characters appear once in a while and make the whole experience much more interesting, and the number of benefits, as a whole, is substantially greater at this game than at many other games! You will find yourself, constantly, winning a lot of prizes even when you least expect it! In addition to that, you have the ability to affect the ways the game grants you with different prizes. The first way to do so is to pick a cupcake in order to spin the Wheel Bonus.

What Is the Wheel Bonus? How Can I Pick a Cupcake?

Three, four and even five flowerpots appearing on your reels (most often adjacently in order to trigger the bonus) will let you enjoy the Wheel Bonus! Once you win this bonus, you will be able to see how the old familiar screen is replaced with a new one. A BONUS title will firstly be presented, followed by four cupcakes which will appear on the right side of the screen as a wheel appearing on its left side. Once you choose a random cupcake, a multiplier will be discovered and the different multipliers at the wheel itself will also be determined right away.

The different multipliers on the wheel can vary and be, for example 8X, 12x, 16X, 20X, 24X, 30X, 36X, and even 72X). Four different bonuses will also appear on your screen named Friendship FREE SPINS, Flying High FREE SPINS, Boutique BONUS and Magic Moments Bonus. At this very moment the wheel will start spinning and one of the many rewards appearing on the screen will eventually be yours!

Boutique Bonus

In case you win the Boutique Bonus, 12 different packages will appear on your screen, and you will be required to watch (patiently or enthusiastically) the screen as more and more prizes will be revealed in front of your eyes. The boxes will be opened as long as the highest prize (for 40 credits) will not be revealed. During this time, you will be able to win different prizes such as 8 credits, 16 credits and 1X multipliers. Some very exciting music will be at the background in order to make sure you keep on enjoying your time and all of the beautiful women will appear one by the other as every box is opened.

Friendship FREE SPINS

The Friendship FREE SPINS Bonus will let you enjoy the FREE SPINS mode in which you are not only capable of winning more and more credits, but also capable of enjoying the presence of the amazing Wild symbol! Three FREE SPINS will be granted to you right upon starting the game and you will be required to deposit NOTHING at all during this whole time!

Magic Moments Bonus

How much did you like the movie? Would you like to watch it again? Do you feel you really miss watching the very best moments of it but you can’t get yourself to leave the awesome slots games? That is completely fine! From this moment on you can have them both at one time! As the Magic Moments Bonus starts, you get to pick a picture, out of the many pictures appearing on the screen, and you will be granted both with a very nice bonus (such as 4 credits, 28 credits, and so on) and with a chosen flashback from the very best moments of your favourite movie! What else can a player ever ask for?

Flying High FREE SPINS

At the Flying High FREE SPINS you will be able to enjoy both FREE SPINS which will make your game a whole lot better than ever before as well as the Growing Wilds 12 which will substantially increase your chances of winning credits right away!


The Wild symbol is easy to recognize. On the one side it has the title Wild and on the other side you can see the Bridesmaids logo written all over it. This fantastic symbol can quickly grant you with additional credits since it can replace pretty much each and every symbol on your screen. By doing so, it can appear next to two adjacent and identical symbols and replace the missing third symbol. This way you are benefited with a three of a kind on your screen right away as well as with the win’s payout right away. Four and five of a kind can also be created this way and you can only benefit from it! Go on and try it now!