A Month of Bonuses at All Slots

Can you imagine enjoying an entire month of bonuses? This means that every single day when you come back to All Slots, you’ll know that there are more and more bonuses coming your way? Wont’ that be the best feeling and the best way to enjoy the holiday month? It is after Thanksgiving now, after all, and that means that it’s time to focus on the joy of giving and receiving with Christmas coming up. And with the All Slots casino no deposit bonus and so many other awesome opportunities, you’ll be having a great time all month.

What Do You Need to Do?

To enjoy A Month of Bonuses at All Slots all that you have to do is show up and enjoy the benefits. The Christmas Market will take place from November 27th until January 1 and it’s filled with all sorts of benefits. There are five rounds. The first round is from November 27th until December 4th and the second round is from the 4th until the 11th. Then there is a round from the 11th to the 18th, and one from the 18th of December until the 25th. Now, round five is a bit different and it’s from the 25t until the start of the beautiful new year.

Great Gifts

What gifts can you expect with the All Slots casino no deposit bonus? You’ll find that the market is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the four rounds from November 27th until December 25th. You can come and see the many things that can be purchased. You can pay for each purchase with Christmas Coins, and each of these coins is equivalent to a loyalty point.

No, there are three bonus categories and in each one you’ll select different prizes based on bonus values. First, there is a category with free spins and then there is one with free bonuses with no deposit required. Then, in the third category there are match up bonuses upon deposit.

Even More Fun

There is even more fun to be had with a month of bonuses at All Slots when you find out about the Magic Wheel. Every Sunday the new round starts with the Magic Wheel. The wheel is then available during that week and you can spin it one time during each round. There are loyalty multipliers and flat loyalties with the bonus wheel. Now, in round five there is something entirely different. It’s called Santa’s Sleigh and here you can select gifts and get bonuses. There are sale opportunities here as well and many other awesome ways to enjoy.

Christmas and the New Year only come once a year and it’s worth it to relish in that time when you have it. Enjoy everything that the holiday has to offer with A Month of Bonuses at All Slots. You won’t regret it! Bring the holiday cheer into your house and your life with the fun surprises you'll have in store for you here. It's always fun to know that there are new things to look forward to each week and that you'll have a full five rounds of fun and excitement. The Christmas spirit is waiting for you to grab on and have a great time today! There will be new surprises and opportunities each time that you come back and this always creates an air of energy and enthusiasm as you play these great games.