Game of Thrones Online Slots – Win Up to 18 FREE SPINS

What do you like best? Watching TV or playing the computer games? Did you ever encounter a TV program you simply didn't want to stop watching and enjoying from? Have you already found the game that makes you happier than ever before? What if you were told these two loves of you no longer contradict each other? Can you imagine a world in which your favourite TV show is also your top rated game?

At All Slots Casino this bonus feature truly exists and you can start enjoying it right now! And that is not all, as a part of the many benefits you will be able to enjoy while playing this game, you will also find it possible to play free slot or pokies (depends how you prefer to call it, the meaning is identical for both terms). So if casino games with multiple benefits seem truly incredible for you, if you are looking to enjoy amazing rewards such as the ability to win up to 121,000 coins in one game and to opt between 4 different House Choices as your FREE SPINS mode and many other amazing benefits, register now and start playing Game of Thrones Online Slots! Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

How Wild Can the Game Get?

The game can get extremely wild! With the multiple benefits and rewards you can expect for over here, you can count on many surprises to make your gaming experience like no other! The best graphics and sound tracks will lead you throughout the game into a great gambling adventure which you will never forget! Among others, you will also be able to enjoy a fantastic benefit called "Wild", or "the Wild symbol" which has the power to greatly affect your game in a matter of seconds! This symbol, which can be easily recognized thanks to its "Game of Thrones" title on it. The symbol is featured with the ability to replace each and every other symbol on your reels. Thus, in case you have two identical symbols on your reels, all you will need in order for a three of a kind to be generated is a Wild symbol which can appear on each side of these two symbols or in - between them.

When a three of a kind is generated, a great payout will immediately be added to your Win box and you will have more credits to play with! The Wild symbol works similarly in order to generate four of a kind or five of kind and to credit you with the equivalent that come along with these winnings. In addition to that, the Wild symbol can also produce you some payouts of its own. Three Wild symbols are equal to 0.5 credits while four such symbols will add 1 credit to your balance account. 5 credits will be immediately yours upon winning 5 Wild symbols on the same spin. Go on! It is time to achieve what you deserve!

I Heard Winning the FREE SPINS is Exceptionally Awesome! How So?

Winning the FREE SPINS at Game of Thrones Online Slots is surely a more special experience than at any other game. While most other games will generally start playing the FREE SPINS right away, at this game you will have a sense of control over the scenes. If you really understand how to win pokies than you most probably already understand that the more you know about the different gaming methods, the better you can manipulate them. Therefore, you better know all about the options standing in front of you once you win the FREE SPINS!

Once the FREE SPINS are yours, all you are required to do is make a decision – choose one out of four Houses of the FREE SPINS CHOICE.

The first option is also called the Barathon House. This House is featured with 8 FREE SPINS and a great multiplier of 5X. The Barathon House also grants those who chose it with an additional feature of three Barathon stacked symbols!

Are you ready to the second option? It is no other but the Lannister House! This House can grant you with 10 FREE SPINS right on the spot, as well as a multiplier of 4X! The Lannister House will not disappoint you regarding the stacked symbols, and you can expect a four Lannister House stacked symbols to appear!

Excited to know your third option? This would be no other but the Stark House which will make you smile very happily as you will choose it and enjoy no less than 14 FREE SPISN right away! Regarding the multiplier you can expect a 3X multiplier to get unto action, and when it comes to the Stark House stack symbols you can count on a 5 one to function in here!

Ready for you last option? It is definitely the praised Targaryen House! This House benefits its choosers with 18 FREE SPINS as the mode begins and the multiplier that comes with it is 2X! Are you eager to discover your stacked symbols over here? Be ready for Targaryen House 6 stacked symbols!!!

So How Do I Win These FREE SPINS?

Knowing all about the FREE SPINS CHOICES is surely worthless if you have no idea how to achieve it! Well, the uncertainty ends HERE! Scatter symbol is your answer! Scatter looks a lot like a hedgehog and it can trigger the FREE SPINS feature in no time! Three, four or five symbols of its kind is all that you need in order to get an access to the FREE SPINS choices, and it can also grant you with some credits before the FREE SPINS   mode even starts! Once you win three Scatter symbols (appearing adjacently on the sin), you can be confident the 6 credits will immediately be yours. Do you want to win 120 credits? In order for that to happen, all you need is 4 Scatter symbols and you're all set! 1,200 credits can also be yours as you win 5 Scatter symbols on the same spin! Definitely, there's a lot to expect to! Let the magic start!