Legend of Olympus Online Slots

Join the magic as you play a game that is all about Olympus and the gods from long ago. If you’re one of those people who always loved hearing the magical stories about Aphrodite, Zeus, Athena and others, then the free spins pokies game is the right place for you. And even if you haven’t previously been involved in the lives of the Gods, you’ll love to learn about them here at the All Slots Casino bonus game.

When you get started, you’ll see that all of the symbols point to Olympus with Zeus, Poseidon, Aphrodite and Areas as symbols. You’ll join Zeus, as you play the game, on his battle to get Hades out of his way. Other symbols include the bronze spear, the gold goblet, the shield, a winged helmet and the gods. 

Background to the Greek Gods

The Greek Gods were larger than life and they were believed to have all sorts of special powers. Athena, for instance, was the goddess of war and they would pray to her before a war to make sure that things went well for them. They prayed to the gods all the time and really had them as part of their lives. And now, you can have a piece of that as you play the game that illustrates their power and energy.

Having a Blast

As you start out with the online pokies free bonus game, you’ll see it’s a five reel and 20 payline game. The game includes free spins, a bonus section, a gamble feature and other great things. The graphics are eye popping and the sound effects are excellent. Watch out for Hades, the wild symbol, as he steps in and helps you to complete wins. Zeus will also get you to the free spins pokies part of the game if you have three of him across the reels. You’ll see Zeus throw lightning bolts at Hades in the game, which is a lot of fun to watch and each time that he throws one, a different number will appear and that will be the number of online pokies free bonus spins that you’ll have. You can then enjoy that amount and the free spins can also be retriggered.

More Fun

With the Legend of Olympus Online Slots, the gold coin symbol is a great one to get. It triggers the Styx bonus round if you’ve got three or more of them under your belt. You’ll then be in the online pokies free bonus section where you’ll click on the spinning coins. This game takes you on a journey through the river Styx where you’ll get to a treasure chest and select from different cash prizes.

The Legend of Olympus Online Slots is a wonderful game for anyone who wants to have a blast.  You’ll love the graphics here and the chance to play and have so much fun. And of course you can play with free spins pokies, so that you don’t even have to spend money. But keep in mind if you play in demo mode that you can’t win real money. You can only win real money when you play in real money mode and really get to feel the rush of the excitement of playing. Enjoy learing about the Greek Gods and having fun with the game that brings them to life. The energy here is great and awe-inspiring as you play.