Pirate's Loot Chest of Prizes at All Slots

Aye. Weigh anchor. It is time to gather our booty. Pirate's Loot chest of prizes at All Slots will do the same – get the booty. This August is a spectacular month like never before. Plenty of cash and prizes are to be won in this bonanza of a promo.

The treasure is waiting for you. Instead of going on a treasure hunt, all you need to do is sign into your All Slots Casino account and take part in the fun and exciting new Pirate's Loot Chest of Prizes at All Slots. There are always some kind of casino specials but there really has not yet been a promotion so far like this August special from All Slots.

Buried Treasure

Of all the pirates, both legend and real, it is Captain Kidd who is most prominent. Raised high above was his notorious black flag. The first thing we think of when we talk about pirates is Captain Kidd. But Captain Kidd was not like other pirates who had a reputation of thievery, mutilating and ruthlessness. Captain Kidd was always known to be burying treasure that he collected from all parts of the world. Many pirates who buried treasure were caught by the authorities before they could retrieve their treasure. And that happened once with Captain Kidd. There is some evidence that his buried treasure is somewhere near Madagascar.

Before Captain Cook took to piracy, he was a captain for a private British ship. When he heard about the big payouts of piracy, he switched occupations. In this August’s special, you also can be the recipient of Pirate’s Loot chest of prizes at All Slots.

Back to Captain Kidd…..One of Captain Kidd’s biggest buried treasure which is said to be worth in today’s standard about sixteen million dollars has never been found.

Everybody would love to find hidden treasure. As pirates always hid them, there are still many such treasures hidden all around us. All we have to do is search for them. Though we get excited when we hear about Sinbad, Redbeard and Captain Kidd, the chances that we might find their buried treasure is quite slim. But the chances that you can win big payouts at Pirate’s Loot chest of prizes at All Slots are assured. It’s all a lot easier than digging for buried treasure.  

Pirate's Loot Promotion at All Slots Casino

The most recent and thrilling of Canadian online promotions is Pirate's Loot.  Everyone is invited to play this online contest that will give you more chances to increase your wins while you play your favourite games.

Thrilling card games, themed video slots, or simple lotteries are all available for your gaming enjoyment where you will experience increased wins with higher payouts by way of the monthly promotions. Experience for yourself the August special and see if you can share in the win of the one hundred thousand dollar bonus treasure and lavish give-aways. This is one of the many  swashbuckling online casino contests provided by All Slots. 

You can play on your PC or any mobile device such as a tablet, or smartphone. Just log into your private casino account and go to the Pirate’s Loot webpage. Take a deep breath and spin the compass. You can make a spin without making a deposit. Every player is entitled to one free spin of the compass during each week of the promo. The promotional dates are:

  • August 2nd through August 8th
  • August 9th through August 15th
  • August 16th through August 22nd
  • August 23rd through August 29th
  • August 30th through September 5th

Whether you won free spins or free bonus credits and how much is determined by the actual result of the spin. If you receive free spins and bonus credits, you can continue with your favourite games without any extra deposits.

After spinning and seeing where the compass has landed, you make the decision which way to continue. After receiving a notice regarding your win, you might determine that it will be necessary to make a deposit in order for you to collect your win. You have a choice to relinquish your bonus credits or free spins. With this promotion there are some online casino promotion tips that it is recommended to proceed and actually make a deposit so you can use your freebee spins to earn extra loot.

An example would be if you won ten bonus points from a spin. By way of an alert you are told that you must make a forty dollar deposit to collect your free spins. It’s your choice to decline the bonus. But again with online casino promotion tips, since its real money you are playing for, make the forty dollar deposit on any game you fancy or a twenty dollar deposit on any two games you may choose. As soon as you have met the requirement of the casino’s minimum deposit you can add your bonus points to any of your favourite games and carry on to play for real money not having to put in any extra deposits.

The treasure has been discovered. Do not miss the August give-away. Take a spin on the Pirate’s compass and load your pockets with some real treasure.