Enjoy Casino Promotions While you Play Casino Games

At All Slots Casino there are a wide range of casino bonus offers that you can enjoy. With your first deposits and subsequent deposits you can enjoy a percentage bonus offer which gives you up to $5000 more in a year. Your first deposit is rewarded with a match up offer of up to 200 credits and then a subsequent deposit is match by 10% up to 450 credits each time. The casino bonus options don't stop there; you can enjoy many other casino promotions while you play the casino games at All Slots Casino.

Deposits that Bring Casino Bonus Options

If you belong to the loyalty club at the casino you can earn loyalty points. For every $10 spent you receive 1 loyalty point which can then be converted into cash. When playing the new casino games offered at All Slots Casino you can enjoy double loyalty points for all bets made. There are cash giveaways at random given on an hourly basis for players who are playing casino games for real money. Depending on the deposit options that you use, you may be eligible for extra bonus schemes at different times in the year.

Casino Promotions through Tournaments

All Slots Casino is known for its tournaments and special casino promotions that run throughout the year. The tournaments include daily and weekly tournaments whose schedule can be reviewed online. There are tournaments with no cost entry or with low costs where you can win anything from $100 to $3000. In addition, once or twice a year there are big international tournaments playing the most popular slots games such as Tomb Raider, where hundreds of thousands of dollars are given away in prize money. The casino bonus schemes also include special seasonal promotions which focus on a certain time of year whether it is Christmas or the summer holidays.

Extras When Playing Casino Games at All Slots Casino

At All Slots Casino the customers come first and making them comfortable is at the top of the list together with providing the right enticement and motivation to enjoy the casino games. The casino promotions and special casino bonus offers serve to compliment each and every one of the games offered whether it is a Keno special offer or a cash back offer when you play live dealer games. The live dealer games in themselves are a bonus and offer you full interaction with the dealer and game in live time. No matter what your level of deposits, the casino promotions will enhance your casino games.